Want to Spice Up Your Web Design? Visual Content is the Secret Ingredient!

Proper communication and valuable content are a must when you want to engage your audience. Setting your web designing company apart by visually captivating the reader, is becoming more and more crucial in today’s fast paced world. Screen square footage is at a premium now more than ever. Engaging your audience while being sure your message is not only being understood but also remembered, is vital.


Seeing is Remembering

Did you know that among our five senses Vision is the one sense occupying half of our brain’s resource?. When you add an image to your content it will brand itself harder on your readers’ brain through a neurological mechanism called the “pictorial superior effect” Properly understanding the importance of adding the right image in the right space will make your web design stand out.


Research shows that with the information overflow found everywhere nowadays, “a picture truly is worth a thousands words”.  A sure way to get the message across is to sprinkle it with striking visual aids. Images are powerful and something the brain can process 60,000 times faster than words.Understanding this will allow you to cater to your customer’s needs by knowing and choosing the images better suited to represent their business


Bring them closer to you

Today’s social networking culture grasps this idea quite well. Looking at what is being shared across the internet, it is interesting to know that Pinterest’s images or videos post refer more traffic than Twitter, Google +, Linkedin and StumbleUpon combined.

Pinterest users create boards of images they share with each other. The visual appeal in this particular instance plays a key role. Any information you want to communicate will benefit from having either a video or a photo incorporated within it, this will bring your reader closer to you.


The sky’s the limit / Show it and they will come

We live in a constantly changing world, where everyone is bombarded with a deluge of information.  It is becoming increasingly challenging to stand out. However with the proper tools and the help of amazing visual aids, the message your company is conveying will not only be seen but also remembered .


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