Restaurant, Pubs and Lounges: Create a Mobile Website NOW or Be Forgotten!

Remember the days where video stores were all over the place, with huge line-ups on weekends and specials on 2 bars of chocolates? Like the dinosaurs clouded by the darkness of the meteor, they are now obsolete.  Times have changed, and things are moving rapidly.  If you don’t adapt, you, like the dinosaurs, will be extinct.

Mobile Browsing Overtakes Desktop Browsing

With the rapid increase of smartphone usage, thanks to cheaper data plans and cheaper phones, it has been said that 2014 is the year that mobile browsing will overtake desktop browsing.


ComScore, a global leader in Internet analytics, stated that mobile use in 2014 has risen to become the digital platform of choice and accounts for 60% of digital media time.(1)  This is in line with the dense 87-page report Morgan Stanley (a multinational financial services institution) has published in 2010, whereby the prediction is that mobile web use will rule by 2015.(2)


With so many restaurants, pubs, and lounges in Metro Vancouver, it is imperative to stand out and to catch up to people’s expectations.  If your website is a responsive (aka desktop site) and contains flash, iPhone users won’t be able to view your content.  Moreover, if you have too much content, they will immediately hit the “back” button and go to the next client.


Visual appearance and ease of navigation are key to mobile users.  Calls to action (such as: “order here”, “call us”, or “reserve here”) must be easy to find and with a quick click of a button.


Businesses should not be making it harder for potential clients to navigate their website, and if they need to zoom in and out and go back and forth for clients to find what they need, the likelihood of the client leaving the website and onto a competitor’s mobile-friendly site is high.


Google indicates that mobile devices account for 88% of the keywords search volume for [restaurants], while the total search volume from mobile devices for [bars] is at 97%.(3)


To avoid the fate of video stores, be the NetFlix before it’s too late.  A small investment in a mobile website can go a long way for the future of your business, as mobile devices continue to replace browsing with desktops and laptops.


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